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Thursday, February 26, 2004

HMMM....It appears a number of posts I've done since the Villone thing below aren't showing up. Boy, am I glad there are great Mariner blogs out there to pick up the slack.

I may be out of commission for a few days. Just saw The Passion. Great piece of art. It will have me thinking about otherworldly issues for a few days. Go see it. Imagine what it must have been like to live in the 1500's and were there to witness the unveiling of Michaelangelo's Pieta. That's the opportunity we have with Gibson's passion. Great art commands attention, and it is getting a lot of attention these days.

Monday, February 16, 2004

There's something about Yankee arrogance that I admire - but only because we
aren't in the same division - otherwise I'd be yelling for salary caps and such.
But I hope they are forced to eat Aaron Boone's contract - heh heh.

Unlike all other team sports, baseball continues to operate in more of an open
market jungle atmosphere that makes it competitive on more than one level. It
only adds to the fascination in my book. Like a high stakes poker game.

I just wish the M's would take better advantage of their monetary superiority in
like fashion in their own division.

It has to be galling for the Rangers to have to pay millions of dollars for a
number of years to come for Arod's salary. Serves em right, for stealing him
away from us.

Are the Rangers are the stupidest team in baseball outside of Milwualkee?
Normally, teams that overspend whine about all the money they pay for
overweight, underachieving, broken down has beens - guys like Vin Baker. The
Rangers are the only team I know of who blame their failures on the only guy who
consistently performs as expected.

Having said that, the Rangers can only improve, because now they can go back to
playing the game according to rules they understand and are comfortable with.

But Hicks tried to piss in the same executive bathroom with Steinbrenner, and
Steinbrenner showed him the door. I love it.

Now the question is, how long will Arod, the best shortstop in baseball, be
willing to play 3rd base, deferring to who the USS Mariner call Derek "Past
a Diving" Jeter? How untolerable will Steinbrenner make it when subpar
performances and injuries here and there cause him to pop off in public.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Arod to the Yankees!?! Holy Cow!

It seems real dumb to put the best shortstop in baseball at 3rd base. Only the Yankees. Only the Yankees.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Well, it's been two weeks, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to post something.

Ron Villone, new lefty in the pen. Not bad. If you have to have a short man who throws from the left side, you can do worse. The stats, admittedly, don't look very good. But there are some interesting things here. For example, Villone when there are runners and 2nd and 3rd, or when bases are loaded, is pretty damn good over the last 3 years:

Second and Third: .158/ .261/ .316/ .577

Bases Loaded .241/ .286/.448/ .734

Considering that everyone in baseball hits like Ted Williams when the bases are loaded, that's pretty good.

Villone also strikes people out: 91 Ks in 106 IP last year. That's stuff.

Villone is a guy who never really has a defined role. Now, I'm not usually one who believes in defined roles, but it worked to Arthur Rhodes, when people stopped jerking him in and out of the spot starting and so on. I think we may have something here.

Look at his stats when he limits the number of pitches thrown (2003):

Pitches 1-15 .213/ .327/ .447/ .774

Pitches 16-30 .186/ .314/ .458/ .772

Pitches 31-45 .203/ .279/ .254/ .534

Not bad. You think Bryan Price can't figure out how to get this guy straightend out?

The M's keep picking up interesting veteran players: Aurelia, Spezio, Ibanez, Villone - guys with some upside they hope to tap into. It's like they're looking for the next Brett Boone.

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