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Friday, January 30, 2004

Pudge ain't coming to Seattle. Apparently he doesn't want to go over hitters before games, or something of that nonsense. It seems to me, if you hire someone for $10 million or more a year to play catcher, you can insist he go over hitters with you before games.

Bob Finnegan - what a joke. The USS Mariner have him pegged correctly.

I haven't posted much in a while - for whatever reason, I don't feel like I have anything original to say about things. I did see a great Sonics game the other night - it started out so well, and up until the last few seconds things were looking great. Then lost to Dallas in the last second, lost Brent Barry to a finger injury, and went to my car to find it broken into.

But boy, are there some great Mariner webblogs out there. Kudos to Mariner Minors - great site, dude.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

You put Pudge in a Mariner uniform, and we instantly become favorites to win the AL West and, heck, even a good chance to become World Series favorites.

Friday, January 09, 2004

The Mariners should have gone after Vladimir Guerrero, and filled the rest of the lineup with spare parts. These spare parts (guys like Guillen, Leone, and guys going for way less than Ibanez) would have been the equal to what they paid to get, and the presence of Vlad in the lineup would have really juiced the M's lineup.

As it is, the lineup is acceptable - Ichiro and Boone make it so. Everyone else except Wilson will pull their weight, and some will more than pull their weight. The pitching is very good. It's a good team, except that the bench is terrible - lets hope Snelling is healthy and ready in 2004 (and used instead of McCracken), and that Ben Davis finally arrives with a major league bat.

I think Bavasi has been terrible, but I'll give him a year to prove he knew what he was doing before I sign petitions for his removal. I've supported the Ibanez signing, but looking over the signings so far throughout the league (e.g., Juan Gone, Everett - and was that Aubery Huff getting an Ibanez-like contract!), it is clear the Mariners overspent to get him. But apparently the Mariners don't mind overspending in the $3-$7 million dollar range. It's the $8-$15 million dollar range that gives them the willies. I would prefer it be the other way around. It's easier to find low + VORP under $3 million than high + VORP guys at any price.

The Mariners are a poor man's Yankees. They wont spend whatever it takes to get great talent, but they will spend whatever it takes to get average to good talent. And if enough of these guys have career type years (who'd have pegged Moyer to be a 21 game winner with a 3.27 ERA last year?) then they have a contender.

It seems the M's are fixated on two recent teams: the 2001 Mariners (Gillick's brainchild) and the 2002 Angels (closest thing Bavasi has come to a brainchild). They plan on having lots of average to good players having very good to career years. I think it's a mistake as a system. I think it's a better bet to have superlative talent in 2-3 vital spots, which ironically is how the 2001 Diamondback team Melvin helped coach won the World Series.

But if you can't scout, can't outsmart anybody through utilizing stats by uncovering hidden gems through unorthodox methods, and can't hang with the big boys when chasing prime talent, I suppose this is the way to build a team.

Again, it's not the way I would do it, and it is so foreign to the way I like to see teams be built that I feel estranged from the organization (I think it would be fun to be an Oakland fan by comparison - at least I'd know that everytime I bought a ticket, the front office was going to maximize on the field every penny I gave them). But I am a Mariner fan, so I am going to try to understand and live with it.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I don't know why we don't just release Cirillo. I don't see any use for all these spare parts we're getting from San Diego for him.

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